Thursday, March 25, 2010

You're probably a hipster if....

See the original "You're probably a hipster" list here!

I've been taking it easy on the poor little fellas lately. I even had a petulant complaint from some little waif in Brooklyn about my "hatred" of hipsters, and thought I'd give these moving targets a break.

But, I've just received a reader request that said simply, "More hipster posts, please."

O.K., if you insist. It's not like I have a bunch just waiting to share with you. I've barely even thought about it. I only have this one, and I swear I just thought of it to make my reader happy. Refresh your memory of the others by clicking here, here, here and here.

You're probably a hipster if.... spent more on sunglasses than healthcare this year. Oh, hush. You KNOW you did!


  1. you're probably a hipster if you own at least one pop-music cd, just so you can listen to perfect rolling your eyes and showing your disdain for all those sold-out losers who listen to mainstream radio.

    you might be a hipster if can't afford to buy your own house because you spend all your money on indy-music, sarcastic t-shirts, starbucks coffee, and the rest you just wasted.

    you're probably a hipster if you care if someone calls you a hipster

  2. Ooooh, nice! We appreciate your generous donation to the Mock Hipsters Fund.

  3. Wait, no! When hipsters own pop music CD's it's because they're being "ironic". They're all about irony, those rascals.

  4. and 'sarcastic t-shirts' really should be 'ironic t-shirts' as well. I'm always too quick with the post button...maybe i should have my hipster friends screen-print that onto a canvas messenger bag so i don't forget (moniquenocat)

  5. MoNoCa (just wanted to try it on for size...),
    With soy-based ink, please.

  6. i thought of a good one this morning whilst cleaning the house...

    you're probably a hipster if you purposely don't dust because the ironic juxtaposition of the clean lines of mid-century furniture covered in filth and dog hair pleases you.
    (and it makes your un-hipster friends very uncomfortable, which also pleases you) -mOnO

  7. You're probably a hipster if you complain about hipsters...


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