Friday, March 26, 2010


Alright all you deaf-mutes out there. Since all you like to do is look, this post is for you. Although, I have to admit you're all bummin' me out right about now. Five hundred hits a day and not even a lousy "hi there"? Mmmmm, we need to work on our communication.

Seriously. Post the color of your underwear (if you can do it for breast cancer, you can do it for me). The last words you spoke out loud. The medical condition you most fear. Your middle name. Your cat's middle name. All of them together. The last meal you ate. Your age. The celebrity you're most likely to stalk. Best/worst way to die. City you were born in. Breastfed or bottle-fed? Boxers or briefs? Religion. Crimes you've committed. Confess everything and do it anonymously. We won't judge.

Meanwhile, not that you deserve it, here are some amazing things to get you through the weekend with a broader mind, deeper spirit, fuller soul:

Do you suffer from wanderlust?
Are you a free spirit?
Got a bit o' the hippie in ya?
Own a copy of HOWL?

This artist and his friends have been riding the rails across the country and documenting it with (ugh, overused word) evocative photography. It's thrilling, truly.
Click here now.

were you aware that there is a hipster explosion going on in the desert right now?
Not annoying "I wear Converse All-Stars with suits" hipsters, but real, authentic, youthful, Beatnik-y, subversive artist-maniacs.

Of course the phenoms blog about it, cuz who doesn't. This blog will blow your mind.

See especially this post about impromptu illegal cioppino gatherings in a pile of rocks in the desert. They call it culinary geocaching. No, wait. I call it that. Who's cool now, Converse-boy?

And this one is a nice, gentle little blog about girl motorcycle riders and cactus and good, cheap beer and cats and Mid Century thrifting. Very well-rounded. It's where I learned about the train-hoppers above.

So, I've shared a lot with you. The lines are open, folks. Share something with us.



  2. Hi There! Don't be disappointed, you have a wonderful blog, I love your writing. Remember the lousy sense of taste belonging to the general public....
    Thanks for the lovely photos. I have been suffering from severe wanderlust, dreaming of trips I have taken in the past and ones I would love to go on now.....Africa has been on my mind of late.

    Antigue gold lace thong (NOT an antique thong, just to clarify!)
    brown rice and red kale
    no celebrity worth stalking, I get a little ill thinking of how celebrity obsessed our nation is, and our celebrities here are so not worthy.


  3. Oh, faithful Anonymous. I love you.

  4. white, "BUDDY, YOU"RE NOT GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN!!" cancer, Monique (really), no cat, moniquenocat, tuna melt, 33, bert, no ernie, no bert, ok, big bird... asleep/burn, durango, colorado, bottle-fed-breastfeeder, boxers, god-loving religion-rejector, many crimes of fashion.

  5. And Anonymous 5:17 pm, you will hitherto be known to me as "MONIQUENOCAT"

  6. Black.
    "I'm going out to the office."
    Takako (It's Japanese.)
    Cat doesn't have a middle name.
    Teriyaki chicken and rice.
    I'm not the stalking type.
    Best way to die - peacefully.
    Worst way to die - Car accident.
    Born in Rockville, MD.
    Breast and bottle.
    Boxers or briefs...doesn't apply.
    I stole a bottle of nail polish from a drugstore when I was 15.

    I should get extra credit for this comment. I'm covered for at least the next few posts, I think?

  7. Alright, Kat. Extra credit granted. Except you left out your age. Suspicious. Maybe you're old, like 39 or something? In which case I understand leaving that out. ;)
    I like your middle name. Arigato for sharing it. Mine is EVE!!! Summer Eve. Couldn't make this stuff up....

  8. Pink with polka dots.
    Fish and chips
    Johnny Depp
    Best: gotta say in my sleep
    Worst: sex!
    breastfed, but alergic, so rice milk plus formula and orange juice with my Cheerios
    The Garlic Capital of the World
    Still looking
    Petty theft of cherry tomatoes

  9. Sarah, I hope you don't die of sex. And now I'm craving fish and chips.

  10. ha! cause all those comments you have left *me*. ;)

    sad to say i didn't even look at your booth. nothing was left after i spent all my moneys on a bertoia chair.

    (I don't remember. Probably thank you or your welcome.)Cancer. Ann. ray. All of what together? salad. 29. joey burns. later/now. las vegas. Breastfed . n/a. sorry, but work folks found out about my blog.

  11. Jamie, you're never gonna hear the end of me now.....
    and I recognized your boots in Morgan's pic so we must have crossed paths, and how very consumerist of me to only recall those radical boots...but then again, all the beautiful, well-dressed hipsters became kind of a blur after a while and I had to avert my eyes.


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