Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gwyneth recommends....

I'm headed back to New York in a few weeks, this time without the children which should translate into fewer visits to FAO Schwartz, Central Park, and shawarma carts outside of the Natural History Museum and more facetime with the finer things NYC has to offer.

I ix-nayed our dinner at Freemans AND Daniel Boulud's newest restaurant last time, in deference to pizza and gelato in Little Italy, and Chinese take-out in our apartment. I passed longingly by the outdoor bar/terrace of the Boathouse Cafe in Central Park to let the boys climb nearby rocks instead (watch out for needles!!! I kept hollering). And I had to spend a vast portion of my time at the Met looking at knives and swords.

This is a girl's trip with my best friend--our first solo adventure since before we married and had children, and it's going to rock.

I've been a little in love with Gild Hall ever since Gwyneth Paltrow recommended it to me (and a few others) personally. Really. You may have noticed from some previous posts that I'm a fan of the "clubby British manor house modernism" look. That is it's official name. We may not stay there, but you can be sure I'll have a Side Car in the bi-level library bar, with tufted leather Chesterfield sofas and Persian rugs. Ah, just like home but better.

New Yorkers, got any other ideas that might be up my alley?

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