Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I had my annual bout of insomnia last night (hey, when I googled "sleepless" one of the top terms was "sleep paralysis" so it could be worse??). When I did manage, by not moving a muscle, to drift into a light sleep for an hour, I managed to have every nightmare/anxious dream known to man; junior high missing homework/walking into wrong class, being chased, not being able to find children, etc. Good times, and wow do my eye sockets feel like burned-out holes. I don't know why this happens, but as usual I plan to blame hormones.

So how about a little light post today?

Anyone a closet Magnum P.I. fan? Well, you'll all love this bewildering Tom Selleck website. Really. I would like to know what combination of psychedelics the creator was on when he came up with this.

And how about we play a little "Good News/Bad News"?

Bad news: dentist said I needed a retainer...$800
Good news: I don't look British anymore
Bad news: I lost the retainer
Good news: FOUND IT!!
Bad News: Dog ran out of chew toys. Came home to 18 pieces of pink palate-shaped plastic on the floor yesterday. Stupid, stupid dog.

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