Monday, March 1, 2010

Roughly what it feels like living with a giant pre-teen

Although the dog might eat a bit less.

And while we're on the subject of growth, as I was chiseling dried boogers off the walls in the hallway (such gents to always deposit them in the same locale) it occurred to me that if I let the boogers stay, it would be a mighty accurate growth chart of sorts. What do you think? I could just use a Sharpie to write the name and date, and draw an arrow to the corresponding booger. It would be like that wall of gum in San Francisco. Yes, I have had a glass of wine or two. Who's asking???

(just to clarify, this is not me OR my dog..I'm not THAT crazy)

photo from this British rag


  1. LOL.Sounds like a very modern take on the doorjamb growth chart...but kind of gross! Still giggling anyway.

    My four year old wants your dog.

  2. Um I think you would have to inspect closely the age at which each booger was placed...and that seems a little...well you might wanna just have a few more glasses of wine.
    You've just won the award for most disgusting blog yet! CONGRATS! :)

  3. Hey Kat-I think booger growth charts are really kind of "post-modern". I also don't see it being a big hit on Etsy, and there's also the problem of the re-sale value of your home once it's been customized in such a way.

    But Kat, you'll totally get this in a couple years. Currently, you probably have to get down on yours knees if you want to wash off the boogers/dirty handprints....but in a few years you'll be able to accomplish this from a standing position, and then later, like me, you'll need a ladder.

    Your son should definitely get this dog and a saddle...what fun that would be! He's actually the world's largest dog, not mine. I just have the world's largest 12-year old.

    Nice to hear from you-come on back anytime!

  4. scgamester.....oooh, is there a prize? Bottle of wine perhaps? Thanks for coming by for these very shocking peeks inside my mind. Feel free to NOT tell anyone we know! ;)

  5. No worries! Boogers are not necessarily my conversation topic of choice :)Plus no one would believe you said that anyways.


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