Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Auction HAUS

I do this every time. I bring something home, and I fall in love. But come on, who wouldn't? Look at that tomato-hued upholstery and the sweet little size. And it was a gift, DIRECTLY FROM HERMAN MILLER to an expectant employee. How nice is that??
But....I already have so many random chairs knocking about, it always looks like I'm about to host an AA meeting in my living room, so look for it soon in my store. Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you know in advance.

So, I went to an auction over the weekend, which is where this little nugget was adopted. I hate auctions. Ten hours in a warehouse running back and forth between two concurrent auctions (art, sculpture, collectibles on one end and furniture on the other). This isn't glamorous Sotheby's stuff. Inevitably I'm interested in lot #1 and lot #1001. The intercom systems they use to call the auctions shriek and crackle and since they are simultaneous, you can never hear one "caller" over the other. I always have a moment of panic when the auction is over and they point at me, since I can never hear what the final price is. The only food comes from a "roach coach" outside.

The real joy is the other buyers, though. They sniff around you suspiciously, trying to eyeball your auction list to see who they'll be bidding against. The two times I've gone to this particular auction, I always seem to be bidding against the same two Mexican hot-shots (in their minds at least). One wears an ascot, and after I won the Eames chair auction he lunged at me in some bizarre rooster-esque attempt at intimidation. I kid you not. I guess this sort of stuff works in his trailer park in Rosarito, where the mere act of owning an ascot buys you mucho respecto. Anyways, if I turn up missing some day, you'll know where to look first. (And by the way, this is not some kind of blanket judgment of hispanic males (esp. since I am married to one)....just these two particular guys who, believe me, would set off your machismo-meter too.)

I also came away with a David Hockney for the Metropolitan Opera poster, and the previously mentioned rosewood Niels Moller dining set, which was quite a triumph. Ah, so much beauty. I feel fortunate to have them, even if only for a few days. I've been a bad Ebayer of late, but stay tuned. Soon my store will be overflowing with goodies!

Off to shop for an ascot....ciao!

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