Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"All You Can Print" Free Art Buffet

You can thank me later...this is a crazy-cool resource for old prints, typography, pages from antique books, old menus, etc. You know all those ancient school physics and astronomy posters that are so hot? Or the vintage medical charts people go to Paris flea markets to find? Yeah, they've got those.

They even have the entire library organized by you can search under "turquoise prints" for instance, if you need to match something specific. There are even rad medieval illuminated manuscripts with the text removed, so you could insert your wedding info and use them for ready-made one of a kind invitations.

Trust me, once you click over you'll want to spend the rest of the day browsing. This was a true "stumbled upon" source. I was googling for photos of a specific vintage lamp, and somehow came across this site. Everything is free and high resolution for enlarging and printing.

Hands off the Native American moms....I'm going to print the entire series for my office.


  1. You are hilarious. I love your blog and I am having a better day because I found it. And I'm not a hipster.

  2. And you've returned the favor and made MY day better for coming here! You made me smile (and my eyes might even be a little moist....)
    Come on back and visit me any time ;)

  3. Those are great prints! I think I've missed something, though. I keep looking for a link to the site where you found these images, and I don't see one. Please share!

  4. Hi there-in the third from the last sentence where it says "came across this site" the words "this site" are a live link to the website...they should be a different color than the rest of the text to indicate that they're a link, but maybe not happening on your end? I'll add a more obvious link in a sec. Thanks!

  5. Holy crap! I came here through a link on Apartment Therapy, and now with that print site YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE! I will love you forever! (Am bookmarking you now.)

  6. Aha! Now that I look closely, I can see the linked text is a very dark brown. Thanks!

  7. Square Bear-aaargh, sometimes it does that but it's supposed to be bright green so it stands out as a link.

    White_peacock-my head is SOOO big right now after reading your comment. Thanks!

  8. What a fabulous link! Thanks for sharing, my walls are in dire need of something new.


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