Friday, April 29, 2011

Burl Table, Mid Century Bedroom, Danish Desk, and Suekichi Uchida Chairs

Shop updates are here!

This black walnut California Modern burl piece is dy-no-mite! A bit hard to capture in photographs...the tones are strange and amazing with black, deep mahogany reds, and even deep purples. The natural edges have the most amazing swirl pattern.

So, I know you can get, like, a fake-y West Elm driftwood-from-Bali side table now. But this is the real "Organic Modern" deal. Handmade by a Northern California artist in the 60s. The wife was probably weaving macrame wall hangings nearby. I see ferns and unfinished pottery scattered about, and wine in Mason jars and lentils for dinner. This piece just oozes Big Sur vibes.

And these are going to freak you out: Chrome. Canvas. Safari style. 1970s. Japan?!?

Yep. Designed by Suekichi Uchida in the 70s, they have the coolest low-slung design with a high back for uber-comfort. Tubular chrome "X" frames with deep wooden arms. Military-grade canvas sling seats. I actually have a total of three chairs and two ottomans, although just one set it listed.

A perfect Danish desk:

And the most rare specimen of vintage furniture: a cool Mid Century bedroom set!

Why are most of them so ugly? With Formica headboards and dreary sadness? Maybe most good designers didn't venture into bedroom furniture? Who knows.

Not only is this set really cool, it's in showroom condition and the bed is King-sized! Heaven knows most post-war folks loved them some tiny double beds. Making a usable Mid Century bed that much harder to find!

Available in the shop now.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to look like an Argentine without even trying

I am a little in love with this girl--her look and her designs.

I'm ordering this one in Army Green. Seriously, why would you shop at, say, Macy's when you can get a custom dress handmade by a sexy Argentinian girl, for $71??

You can order a standard size, or send her your exact measurements and she'll size it perfectly for you. For someone like me who has a Brazilian's caboose and the chest of an anorexic, that's a revelation.

I love this shirt, too. With cropped skinnies and super-tall platform sandals for my summer uniform.

You know, for all the tango parties I'll be going to. Or Costco shopping trips.

You can find Mia Blaz on Etsy, here.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome Wagon

Welcome visitors, immigrants, and defectors from the Brick House.
I cannot offer you any of the well-organized, elegantly photographed blog posts and DIY tutorials you get from Morgan. I am neither organized nor elegant, and yet Morgan allows me to be her friend (as long as I keep making those monthly payments...check's in the mail love).

In fact, if the Brick House lost an arm and a leg, went blind in one eye, and was dropped on it's head as a baby, this is pretty much what it would look like. But it has a certain charm, no? Just say yes.

Some(all)of you are here because of this:

It's true. I have been chosen. And like a crazed Price Is Right contestant that has been called up from the audience, I am running to the stage shrieking at my good fortune. It's not every day one gets to collaborate on a hipster pop-up shop at a gallery in L.A. with Morgan Freaking Satterfield.

So come meet us! We are weird. We will stun you with our poor social skills and beautiful furniture! We are waxing, oiling, and sanding in preparation for you. And we are even getting the furniture ready, too!

Morgan will be pouring drinks and spinning records and making gluten free cupcakes (not). I will bring my mustache and hipster food allergies. We will wear Bando heart pins and Tom's slip-ons. We will say "hey" and pretend not to care. Yay us!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

California Modern...want this? buy that!

I was thinking how furniture design mirrors architectural movements, and that it would be fun sometimes to try and find the architectural equivalent (I totally did not spell that correctly the first three tries...) of furniture in the shop.

To me, this house and this Paul Evans-inspired armoire epitomize California Modern; rustic, handmade, artistic, a little bit hippie, yet totally modern.

What do you think? If this armoire was a house, wouldn't it be this one?

This armoire totally wants to go skinnydip in that pool and listen to Cat Stevens right now.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hans Olsen, a Finn Juhl "Chieftan" Chair, and an overused word

Oh, heh heh....hi there! Man, I really do want to write this blog, despite all evidence to the contrary. But maybe you get it? Family first, business second, and self-expression/professional development through blogging maybe somewhere around #800
on the list of priorities.

But, my grandma said something curious yesterday (and believe me, there's nothing new about that). She said she's getting tired of hearing people say that they're busy. So says the independently wealthy oil baroness. But still, she makes a point. Me thinks I need to accept that "crazy-busy" is the new normal and just get on with it.

On the other hand, the pace of my life is so out of hand right now that I've started forgetting to eat, take showers, and other normal-people behaviors like returning phone calls and trimming toenails. And it makes me feel like a stinky jerk.

So, I'm curious. Working mama-ladies, how do you deal with your priorities so that your relationships and body odor don't suffer (or so that your relationships don't suffer from your body odor)??

Meanwhile, I've been rocking the butt off the vintage market here. Seriously, SO MUCH GOOD STUFF.

Like one of these (really!!!):

And here, finally, are preliminary pictures of that other thing I was telling y'all about:

And a big hot hunk of this:

I will be updating the shop this Thursday evening, so check back if you're interested in these pieces.


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