Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to look like an Argentine without even trying

I am a little in love with this girl--her look and her designs.

I'm ordering this one in Army Green. Seriously, why would you shop at, say, Macy's when you can get a custom dress handmade by a sexy Argentinian girl, for $71??

You can order a standard size, or send her your exact measurements and she'll size it perfectly for you. For someone like me who has a Brazilian's caboose and the chest of an anorexic, that's a revelation.

I love this shirt, too. With cropped skinnies and super-tall platform sandals for my summer uniform.

You know, for all the tango parties I'll be going to. Or Costco shopping trips.

You can find Mia Blaz on Etsy, here.

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