Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome Wagon

Welcome visitors, immigrants, and defectors from the Brick House.
I cannot offer you any of the well-organized, elegantly photographed blog posts and DIY tutorials you get from Morgan. I am neither organized nor elegant, and yet Morgan allows me to be her friend (as long as I keep making those monthly payments...check's in the mail love).

In fact, if the Brick House lost an arm and a leg, went blind in one eye, and was dropped on it's head as a baby, this is pretty much what it would look like. But it has a certain charm, no? Just say yes.

Some(all)of you are here because of this:

It's true. I have been chosen. And like a crazed Price Is Right contestant that has been called up from the audience, I am running to the stage shrieking at my good fortune. It's not every day one gets to collaborate on a hipster pop-up shop at a gallery in L.A. with Morgan Freaking Satterfield.

So come meet us! We are weird. We will stun you with our poor social skills and beautiful furniture! We are waxing, oiling, and sanding in preparation for you. And we are even getting the furniture ready, too!

Morgan will be pouring drinks and spinning records and making gluten free cupcakes (not). I will bring my mustache and hipster food allergies. We will wear Bando heart pins and Tom's slip-ons. We will say "hey" and pretend not to care. Yay us!


  1. I am so bummed I can't come, but for good reason, visiting Savannah where my kid will be attending college, thought it would be a good idea to visit before she went.. heh. If it wasn't for that I would definately come, because I am as "unhipster" as they come, but I love a great piece of furniture or art. Anyway all the best to both of you on this endeavor. I know it will be a great success.

  2. Excited for you! Will think about coming, might be interesting.

  3. Found out trip delayed, count me in I am really looking forward to coming and seeing all this great style concentrated into one space.

  4. Congrats - that's awesome! Have fun and don't sniff too much furniture polish.
    Also, I may have a rocking chair by the end of this week, but I'm keeping it on the down low...

  5. OMG - where did these crazy fish bones come form?
    This is going to be killer, obviously.

  6. I know. I'm a graphic design nightmare. Better than the 12x18 dog portrait of yesteryear, no?

  7. Fish bones are dead...now I am nice and normal. Except I can't edit the ugly bright blue out of the template...this is how I end up with fish bones.

  8. i love your hipster bashing... makes me all the more depressed that i will be all the way in arizona that weekend. DAMN!


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