Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hans Olsen, a Finn Juhl "Chieftan" Chair, and an overused word

Oh, heh heh....hi there! Man, I really do want to write this blog, despite all evidence to the contrary. But maybe you get it? Family first, business second, and self-expression/professional development through blogging maybe somewhere around #800
on the list of priorities.

But, my grandma said something curious yesterday (and believe me, there's nothing new about that). She said she's getting tired of hearing people say that they're busy. So says the independently wealthy oil baroness. But still, she makes a point. Me thinks I need to accept that "crazy-busy" is the new normal and just get on with it.

On the other hand, the pace of my life is so out of hand right now that I've started forgetting to eat, take showers, and other normal-people behaviors like returning phone calls and trimming toenails. And it makes me feel like a stinky jerk.

So, I'm curious. Working mama-ladies, how do you deal with your priorities so that your relationships and body odor don't suffer (or so that your relationships don't suffer from your body odor)??

Meanwhile, I've been rocking the butt off the vintage market here. Seriously, SO MUCH GOOD STUFF.

Like one of these (really!!!):

And here, finally, are preliminary pictures of that other thing I was telling y'all about:

And a big hot hunk of this:

I will be updating the shop this Thursday evening, so check back if you're interested in these pieces.


  1. Jarrod says: "Cool, they finally got their boards!"
    I say: "Do what I did, quit your day job. Stay home and be a Momma with more time on her hands." After a year of living on unemployment, I learned more money isn't necessarily better.

  2. Oh Tammy, don't tempt me!
    More money is definitely not better...enough is always good though ;)

  3. i too feel like I need to learn how to be content with being crazy busy. Im not a mom but i've had to learn that Sometimes i have to say no. or yes...like "no, I can't do this for that person" and yes my laundry will sit on the couch waiting to be folded for 3 days" :) It's just not possible to do everything. I've heard of making a list with two sheets of paper. On one sheet, write down the things that HAVE to get done, like time with husband/kids, grocery shopping, alone time, etc and write down on another sheet things that aren't urgent to get done...Dishes, cleaning out the cabinets, etc. and then...you crumple up the second sheet and throw it away and forget that those things need to even get done. :)

  4. holy crap, i am hyperventilating over that dining room set and armoire. as for being a busy mom of three...i run, early, early (oh god, so early!)in the morning because it is cheaper than therapy. and ranting, and gnashing my teeth a lot. there might be some cursing and drinking involved at times, but usually that happens by myself in a dark room. not really. laughing and running mostly get me through, and obviously stalking you. monO

  5. I have the table and only four chairs. I love it, but I may sell it soon (moving).


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