Thursday, November 29, 2012


Complaints that San Diego isn't innovating are now completely unfounded, so it looks like we will have to find other things to complain about (78 degrees again?!  Perfect weather is so boring, so non-life threatening, so lacking the excitement of destructive super storms!)

Exhibit A:  Dwell held a modern home tour weekend here recently.  
Exhibit B:  North Park was just named the 13th hippest city in the country (by Forbes magazine using complicated food truck per capita ratios and a dictionary definition of "hip", but still...)

We are now on the map as more than "that place between Los Angeles and Mexico where you once stopped for fish tacos".  Yay, San Diego!

Three things you should know about really modern folks:  They can afford bigger windows than you, they have generally mind-blowing views of the ocean, and they don't particularly want strangers using their bathrooms.  O.K.  Fair enough.  

Here is a super-secret modern location.


This deconstructed light fixture blows your mind.


Chances are, if your roof looks like this it's completely by accident and you should look into your moisture problem immediately. 


I know it's wrong to do this to people, but if this is wrong I don't want to be right.  She's an angel (you know her as House of Habit).


If you don't plant this grass at your modern pad, it's like you know nothing about modernism.  So don't look like a dummy.  Just plant it. 


I think this was art and you couldn't really sit on them.  Sadly there's not a lot of art you can sit on.


These guys were taking photos for their profiles.  "Me and my buddies at the weekend house.  I'd love to enjoy it with you.  Call now!  Full head of hair!"


This place was the greatest because, to me, "modern" doesn't just come from one decade. 


Dusty of Rael Wood launches his Dwell modeling career.

No.  It's a wide-angle lens problem.  Not a new design.

Bass Magazine pin-ups are salacious.

Thanks to Dwell for hosting the Chambray Gang, a loose collaborative of blogging creatives who show up to events dressed alike.  We're also available for Bar Mitzvahs and basically any event with finger foods and goodie bags. 

A special, hot wing sauce-covered thanks to Julia at The Post Social and San Diego Songbird for making the Chambray Gang possible, and to Morgan for legitimizing our status as members of the press!


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