Friday, April 29, 2011

Burl Table, Mid Century Bedroom, Danish Desk, and Suekichi Uchida Chairs

Shop updates are here!

This black walnut California Modern burl piece is dy-no-mite! A bit hard to capture in photographs...the tones are strange and amazing with black, deep mahogany reds, and even deep purples. The natural edges have the most amazing swirl pattern.

So, I know you can get, like, a fake-y West Elm driftwood-from-Bali side table now. But this is the real "Organic Modern" deal. Handmade by a Northern California artist in the 60s. The wife was probably weaving macrame wall hangings nearby. I see ferns and unfinished pottery scattered about, and wine in Mason jars and lentils for dinner. This piece just oozes Big Sur vibes.

And these are going to freak you out: Chrome. Canvas. Safari style. 1970s. Japan?!?

Yep. Designed by Suekichi Uchida in the 70s, they have the coolest low-slung design with a high back for uber-comfort. Tubular chrome "X" frames with deep wooden arms. Military-grade canvas sling seats. I actually have a total of three chairs and two ottomans, although just one set it listed.

A perfect Danish desk:

And the most rare specimen of vintage furniture: a cool Mid Century bedroom set!

Why are most of them so ugly? With Formica headboards and dreary sadness? Maybe most good designers didn't venture into bedroom furniture? Who knows.

Not only is this set really cool, it's in showroom condition and the bed is King-sized! Heaven knows most post-war folks loved them some tiny double beds. Making a usable Mid Century bed that much harder to find!

Available in the shop now.


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  1. Summer,

    Hope the sale is going nicely.

    I wanted to let you know that I finally won a rocking chair! Here's the listing:

    It's a little over my budget (once shipping is calculated) but I love the diagonal lines and the modern shape.

    I'm hoping to eventually be able to afford new cushions (something more like this: with a better shape and a less depressing fabric.

    Anyway, had to share! School's almost out and I hope you are planning for some lovely summer vacay with the boys (and the man).



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