Thursday, March 18, 2010

Embarrassment of Riches, or My Cart Runneth Over

This week the thrift store was good to me, and the back of my car looked like a Moroccan bazaar. That's right, this is from a mere two visits to the "thrifter" as we call it here...and I didn't even include the giant abstract that landed in my dining room, or the authentic women's GUCCI tuxedo jacket IN MY SIZE found quite on accident for $3.95 in the boy's suit section.

I didn't want your heads to explode.

My favorites are the hippie hanging chair, the vintage 1950s crazy quilt made from Hawaiian barkcloth, the nautical tray, the adjustable Mid Century hanging brass lamp...oh, and the 1st year edition of All Quiet on the Western Front.

Is your head still there?

But the burning question these days is "Where to sell?"
I've been chatting back and forth with this blogger/seller about going to the Rose Bowl flea market, renting antique store space, or even selling directly from this blog. I really don't like putting small things on Ebay anymore.

So, what do you think? Do you want to buy things directly off this site?


  1. Just got caught up on all your posts for March. So entertaining and a great way to spend an afternoon at WORK! Selling from the site would be efficient but the flea market would mean mandatory jaunts to Pasadena. Oh the dilemma! Choose wisely my friend :)

  2. Hey! So nice to hear from you. Yeah, Pasadena. That would be SOOO rough. And I'd probably have to stay overnight every time I went.
    I kind of love the thought of interacting in person, since I do so much online work. Then again, I can also envision someone holding up my first edition and saying, "I'll give you fifty cents for this", hmmmm. Still deciding.

  3. I love the Quilt...But I will not be at any flea markets in Pasadena. :) But at least selling on here you can name your price instead of someone else naming it for you.

  4. Have you thought about an Etsy account? So much better than Fleabay and you name your price rather than have people bid and moan about your postage!

    I've pretty much stopped selling on eBay as there are so many rude people.

    I would love to buy from your website, you find so many gorgeous things, but I doubt the shipping to the UK would wrok LOL.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

    Sarah x

  5. BTW meant to ask how much is the crustacean fabric?
    Sarah x

  6. SarahandJoe, yes the shipping is prohibitively expensive ;(
    Ebay people are mostly good these days-it seems like it's only serious shopper now, which is nice. But, I've had my share of crazies (one who looked up my home phone number is the directory and keeps calling me...stalker!)
    Etsy is certainly a possibility, although I cringe at monitoring yet another website.
    The crustacean thing is actually a big laminated tray!
    Thanks for the help and comments!


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