Saturday, February 27, 2010

Squandering my kids' inheritance...

...for this weekend consisted of:

a very early George Nelson bubble lamp ($40 Craigslist)

a Mid Century chrome Lightolier sputnik chandelier with giant smoked glass bubble shades(ummm, should I say this? sticking out of a trashcan on the way to pick up said bubble lamp)

a complete and perfect Niels Moller rosewood dining set (you heard me!)

a very vintage orangey-red leather upholstered Eames RAR rocker for Herman Miller (it was one that Herman Miller gave to an employee when they had a new can tell because it had a tiny brass plate affixed to the back with the baby's name on it)

By the way, does anyone know how to date those things? Besides the first year production Zenith chairs, there's no internet info on how to determine date of manufacture (oh, except for the sticker that has the date on it which someone rubbed away right on top of the date). Please share what you know...

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