Thursday, February 11, 2010

D.I.Y Speakeasy

Yes, I know. Anyone who has tried my Ebay links has noticed how empty my store is, and I am working to remedy that. I usually have a really well-edited selection of high-end, moderately priced antique and Mid-Century goodies to choose from. Don't despair....

Here's a little peek at something fantastic that's going up for auction tonight...the major component of your own at-home speakeasy: a set of four sexy Mid-Century barstools. I get requests for these a lot, because they're so hard to come by and contemporary barstools are so hideously ugly.

So, buy these barstools,

pour this organic vodka (yes hipsters, it's sustainably farmed by a co-op of growers)

into these vintage Georges Briard bar glasses

and put on this song by the Dave Brubeck Orchestra,

then call me when it's ready. I'll try to remember the secret knock for your speakeasy.

Barstools available here.


  1. oooo i could see my self drinking an old fashioned or 4 in those glasses. love love love.

  2. Jojo-I love the Art Deco/Mid Century vibe...Briard did some really great things!


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