Monday, February 15, 2010

You're probably a hipster if....has a winner!

When she wrote to me about "corn plastics" and using "upcycled rice bags" for her groceries, I knew this was the girl for us. And as evidenced by her crafting, yogurt-making, (occasional) veganism, this girl is a real, live, professional hipster. I think I might challenge her to a "cheap-off" to see who can come up with the best thrifted outfit for $2.95 or less. She'll win.

She's adorable, she's smart, she's crafty, she's dedicated, she's......SARSHA!

(If you want to see the rest of the list, go here)

And SARSHA says that you're probably a hipster have an urban chicken coop!

I was this close to adding that to the list myself, since the coop-lust has reached fever pitch amongst the hipsters here. I was going to ask what y'all thought of this Stepford Wives chicken coop, the Eglu. I hope they don't sue me, but aren't coops supposed to be made from scrap wood and chicken wire (thus the name)???

Well, if you're trying to raise little Stepford chickens, this is the coop for you. You'll probably push them to be the best and enroll them in too many after-coop activities. Eventually they'll rebel and let their feathers grow out...they'll start hanging out on the wrong side of the coop with unpedigreed chickens. You see where this metaphor is going?

Have a cool chicken coop you want me to post? Send me your pictures. I'd love to see what you hipster chicks and chicken are doing.


  1. FYI: true hipster vegans do not eat yogurt!

  2. Anonymous-so right! The contributor has a blog where she tests vegan and vegetarian recipes, though.

  3. Summer,

    Hey, thanks for write up! I was both shocked and delighted to be included in your list of adorable people and as a beacon of hipsterness.

    Now, maybe my high school students will think I'm cool (although, they'll say anything to if they think it'll get them out of work, the crafty little manipulators!).

    And, I agree with Anonymous that a true vegan hipster would not eat yogurt; no way should those little bacteria be SHACKLED TO THE CHAINS OF SLAVERY that is yogurt making. Oh, or the milk thing. But if I thought I get away with a mama goat around I TOTALLY WOULD.

    Actually, officially I'm a piscivore. (I know, I'm a difficult person to feed and my family has pretty much given up. That's why I learned to cook: survival.)

    Anyway, I'll be checking in on your blog and I'm happy to have met another kindred blogger. Type on!

    (Oh, and if you're wondering, I found you through Apartment Therapy.)

  4. Oh oh, Sarsha, it looks like my fact-checking department has failed me and you're not, in fact, a *real* vegan. Additionally, it appears that your record on bacterial rights is spotty at best. But I think there's still time to salvage your hipster reputation....quick! downward dog pose on handknit yoga mat....ahhhhhh, that's better.

    Sarsha, did you know that besides the fact that we both have freckles and are adorable(thaaaat's right, I said it!), we actually share even more kindred-ness. I'm supposed to be teaching high school, too! Except I'm on, shall we say, sabbatical.

    As a kid, I did urban chicken/goat/pig farming and occasionally my mom would pick me up from school on our horse (true story). A lot of poop, and goats are mean. They DO NOT like little girls kissing them, and they let you know. They also kick you in the head when you milk them, sooooo since you're "piscivore" (I think you made that up) I recommend you stick with fish milk.

    Until next time, my beacon of hipsterness....

  5. Summer,

    Your childhood sounds like my childhood dream; seriously, I grew up in downtown Denver and the closest things I got to a pet (other than Gus-Gus, a sad tale of a hamster going up the wrong end of a vacuum cleaner) were our acrobatic cockroaches.

    (Yes, they perform great feats of mystery and delight when you turn the bathroom light on, in case your were wondering.)

    So, chickens were a bit of stretch but since our house came with a coop (that's right, coolest house on the block) how could I resist?

    Also, on goats: I lived (no kidding) right next to a small herd of goats while serving in Peace Corps Morocco for two and a half years.

    Like, go down the path from Fatima's house to the river, past the goat pen, and there's my house. With a gang of baby goats hanging out in the 'hood. As they are prone to do if not under adult supervision. I'm not sure, but I think they might have been showing their colors too, since they all wore head-to-toe black and white.

    Cheers for freckles!

  6. I think we have to go check out this Morocco business in person, post haste. Those Moroccan goats sound like dangerous "kids". I'll make sure to dress neutral and not throw my gang signs. O.K., from the way you describe it, you grew up in that movie "Joe's Apartment" with the dancing, talking cucarachas. Is this accurate?

  7. LOL - love the puns and wit! Nicely written. - T. Wimpee


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