Friday, February 5, 2010

"GIFTED" the Hipster Edition

These people aren't so different from you, so never be intimidated (NEVER! they can smell it!) Just like you, they want things that are classic (expensive), durable (expensive), and made in America (Brooklyn). When it comes to buying them presents, there's really a very simple formula to follow: if it looks way too simple to cost as much as it does, the hipsters will like it. If it is handmade, in limited editions, hanging in Eastern European design museums, and adopts school gardens, old musicians, or dying stars with every purchase, they will definitely, definitely like it.

So let's get started, shall we? Let's pick a gift for the hipster wedding.....

From top to bottom, left to right (that's right, just like in a book....good job!)

An annual membership to an organic CSA (What's that? A weekly or monthly box of organic produce delivered from a LOCAL farm!)

A French press for their organic coffee (because a lot has changed but hipsters still like coffee). This is my favorite version from La Cafetiere, in orange ceramic that will last forever.

Some nice, Frenchie-looking, understated, Baggu reusable shopping bags (but never, EVER bags that say "ORGANIC!" or "REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE" because this is NOT understated and NOT hip.)

Peter Bruegger moustache mugs....because I think we're ALL clear on how they feel about moustaches.

A simple, white Heath Ceramics bud vase (hand made, shown in design museums)

A Pia Wallen crux blanket (hand made, in limited editions, and in design museums..check, check, and check!)

A handmade return-adress stamp that shows off their newly-married status, because these people even expect bill-paying to be creative!

A vintage Polaroid camera and some new Polaroid film (because they like to take a lot of out-of-focus pictures of themselves)

There's really so much more, but we'll stop here for today. Oh, my phone's ringing. That Maggie Gyllenhaal...every five minutes, I swear!


  1. Great ideas! I'll take one of each please!

  2. And since I am the complete opposite of hip... where would one purchase such items?

  3. Hello Anonymous-I'm going to bet you're a lot hipper than you let on! Thank you for your question. Follow the provided links to either the designers' sites (which will contain "Where to buy" information...most of these items are available on multiple sites) or in some cases directly to the e-commerce site. In the case of vintage Polaroid, my favorite source is the thrift store (thus, no link) but there are multiple Etsy or Ebay sellers you can buy from, as well.

  4. Etsy, of course!

    Polaroid camera, check.

    CSA, check (don't forget Jam of the Month Club and Make Your Own Cheese kits).

    Cute grocery totes, check (mine is made of an upcycled rice bag - love it!).

    Don't forget about the ethically-sourced paper products - we agonized over palm leaf or bamboo. Corn plastic is also

  5. Sarsha-you are putting the hippie back into "hipster"! I love it....and corn plastic? Say what? I've got to check this out...thanks!

  6. good knock off of the Pia Wallen blanket-- well perhaps not a true knock off, but at least of the same ilk?

  7. An outside link, Jojo? Bold move...
    I like the'll have to take it through a test run and let me know if gets all pilly!


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