Sunday, February 14, 2010

Moller on my mind

picture from Wharfside Danish importer

I've got a surprise for you! A set of four signed/stamped authentic Mid-Century Niels O. Moller chairs in teak, with rope seats, and in the rarest form of all Moller designs....these are the Holy Grail for Moller collectors. The same set is currently available on an elite site (which shall remain nameless) for $7,450! YIKES!

I plan on having the seats professionally re-woven prior to creating a formal auction listing, but you're welcome to contact me for a preview and to discuss an as-is sale. The frames are in showroom-quality condition, but the front edges of the rope seats have worn and require replacement.

Email me at and reference Moller in the subject line if you're interested!

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