Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"You're Probably a Hipster" List lives on

The word around town is that Mondays can be hard for some people. I did not know that, and I'd like to help.
The "You're Probably a Hipster if..." list is meant to be a bit of a living beast, feeding and growing on our unabated sarcasm. So during the week, submit your best suggestions to add to the list, and on Monday I'll post the best from that week. This way, the fun will never end.

You can email me directly at

And just to get us re-started (and because I have unleashed a flow of sarcasm that just won't stop), stay tuned for a new addition.

If you haven't seen the list, or just want to jog your memory and are too lazy to scroll down, here ya go, ya lazy bum. Three direct barely have to move your finger.

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