Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You're Probably a Hipster if...... can't decide what you like best about Zooey Deschanel; her "acting" or her "singing".


  1. haven't you heard? the hipsters have turned on Zoe. I think she was deemed too pretty as a hipster goddess. Enter: Chloe Sevigny.

  2. That's the thing with you soon as something is cool, it's already outdated.

  3. have an urban chicken coop buy your essentials from a tiny, local 100-year-old "Market" that stocks truffle and walnut oil ask for handmade gifts only on your wedding registry

  4. Your apparent hatred for hipsters is astounding.
    What is so wrong with people who buy used clothing, don't carry plastic bags, listen to NPR and try making things rather then buying new?
    "Play nicely"
    -A twenty something living in north-Brooklyn on under $30 K w/o a trustfund

  5. Dear Hipster female,
    Whoa, I think you missed the tongue-in-cheek, ironic humor here. My "hipster" friends are the ones contributing to the list. I might even be a hipster. Nobody is so one-dimensional that they can be reduced to some little list...we're just caricaturizing ourselves. Have you seen the "Unhappy Hipsters" website? It's not mine...I promise. But it's spoofing rich hipsters (using pictures from DWELL magazine), so you might enjoy it. I have the utmost respect for everything you do listed above-or I wouldn't be doing it myself. If you're ever out in SoCal, send me a line and I'll take you to my favorite thrift stores. They know me by name there!


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