Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keeping Time

Now that the youngest member of the family has been given his own room (R.I.P. my private office) and has also simultaneously entered that pre-pubescent, dingy, "where am I and what time is it?" phase, I'm on the look-out for a clock that meets his Mid-Century-meets-rock-and-roll aesthetic.

I think I missed the boat on the George Nelson Omar the Owl's hands-down my top choice, but I'll have to force it upon someone with a younger child. At around $150, it's in that "try and justify it as an heirloom your child will keep forever" category. If you're not averse to good knock-offs, they can be had for around $30.

In an entirely different price range is this rad "bespoke" clock from Aspiral. Instead of hands, the spiral turns slowly throughout the day and the little balls move, and then hourly drop through a hole to begin their journey again. You know when anything is "bespoke" that you'll have to marry rich or just enjoy it from afar (prices starting at around 350 British pounds). Guess which one I'll be doing?

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