Friday, February 12, 2010

I Am the Boss of You

Dear friends,

Are you still buried in snow? I feel your pain...I just had to put on a cardigan here in San Diego. It's a cruel world.

I'll be in Palm Springs this weekend, covering the Modernism Week just for you (and a little bit for me). Don't forget to check back for photos and juicy details.

I wish you a warm, safe, and peaceful weekend. Here are some suggestions for passing the time, should you need it:

READ THIS! The third Lonny Magazine is now online (you must know about it by now-the brainchild of fabulous, defunct Domino magazine editors, etc.) It is SOOOO good.

MAKE THIS! You think you don't like bread pudding OR pumpkin, hmmm? Get back to me about that after you've whipped up this beauty. And MAKE THE SAUCE, lazy bones!

LISTEN TO THIS! Ridiculously charming, sweet, and beautiful music. These girls either make me yearn for my own girlhood, or to have my own daughters.....can't tell which, but I yearn when I listen! Their version of Fleet Foxes' Tiger Mountain Peasant Song made me bust a tear duct.

WATCH THIS! So you like French men, French food, French country houses, important antiques, the elite world of auction houses, those mesmerizing creatures that are French children, and French men serving their wives food? Oh, and a kick-booty soundtrack? Voila! Someone put it all together into this incredibly charming movie.

I'll miss you my darlings!

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