Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost in Blogland

Have you ever started a blog crawl that took on a life of it's own, going off on tangents like a crazy professor so that, say, you start out here and end up three hours later on a Swedish real estate site, seriously considering a purchase ("I like bikes and universal healthcare, and I was going to name my son Otto...I'm sure I can learn to love herring")?

It's like one of those marathon best-girlfriend conversations that starts out with "hey, you want to go walking?" and ends up three hours later with the two of you having drafted the charter for a self-sustaining childcare co-op/pre-school/organic farm/winery/birth center that sounds, truly, like a do-able plan.

Right-me too. Actually, the winery/birth center may yet get off the ground. Like THAT wouldn't be popular.

Anyhow, inevitably on that blog crawl, you passed by something REALLY COOL and figured you'd come back to it, right? But three hours later, the path back is totally overgrown and as you try to re-trace your clicks you become confused and disoriented, bumping around in the dark and crying because nothing looks familiar. You're convinced that the REALLY COOL THING is lost forever, and the desirability of it begins to reach mythical proportions in your mind.

I know.

The other day I was trying to find this blog whose coolness had reached mythical proportions in MY mind. I recalled the general meaning of the blog's name, but not it's actual title, and here are some of the really weird titles I wrote down before I finally hit on it:

The Mother Who Couldn't Be Bothered
Devil-May-Care Mom
Lackadaisical Lady
Carefree Mom
Unflappable Mother
The Medicated Mom

Any guesses on the blog's true identity?

That's right....Nonchalant Mom.

Which has always struck me as being a kind of weird title. I mean, how does nonchalant parenting play out in real life? "Nonchalant Mom, your child is drowning!" "Oh, O.K.. I'll be there in a minute. Let me just finish this blog post"?

There IS no room for nonchalance in parenting...only fear and worry. Which leads me to believe that "Nonchalant" is just her pseudonym, and in reality she is.....the Medicated Mom.

I'm kidding, NM. I love your name. Mine's pretty nonsensical, as well. My ten-year old has taken to asking me if I'm writing on my "modern hoss" blog. I like your blog and your kids' clothes, as evidenced by my complete desperation to find it. Peace. And as a gesture of goodwill, our winery-birth center would like to offer you a 15% discount on your first visit. You're welcome.

Picture by early 20th century cartoonist Nell Brinkley


  1. Fool proof way to find your way back through blogland: Leave bread crumbs, silly...

  2. i know the blog crawl all too well. When you get a corporate job the crawl turns into a marathon, wherein, on some occasions, one can actually circumscribe the entire internet, arriving right where said marathoner began. it can be a scary/beautiful thing.

  3. Jojo, I love the "full-circle" imagery really know how to make the internet "live" for us.
    MaMaZu...a good tip from the pro!

  4. I know, I know, I know... the title, taken TOO LITERALLY is tough to swallow--try to explain it to any european, they take 'nonchalant' pretty darn seriously. But honestly I DO care about my kids! no matter what anybody says! thank you for the post! (I think??)

  5. me too me too! Except I still haven't found mine (although had already found Nonchalant Mum in my search).
    Mine is a young mum-to-be crafting and talking to her bump.
    It's something like the Reluctant Crafter, or the Amateur Crafter or The Totally Crap Crafter ... can anyone help?


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