Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet the hipsters

Please give a warm welcome to our newly engaged hipster friends, Pete and Erika! Pete and Erika have swept us backwoods SoCal dorks off our flip-flop clad feet with their East Coast cool.

How do we know they're cool? First, they look like a husband-and-wife Scandinavian folk-rock duo. Second, Pete knows that a suit should not, at present, hit his wrists or his ankles (a la the Sartorialist) and he sports it with confidence (even though most people around here just think he hasn't bought a new suit since he hit puberty). Third, Pete just moved from Brooklyn to be with Erika, so we can still actually SMELL the cool on him. They blog, they knit, they shop at the farmer's market, and Pete's a free-lance graphic artist if you need more convincing. And I believe Erika has some goat cheese-making in her future.

Seriously, though, they are two ridiculously creative, kind, and in-love kids and we couldn't be happier for them. As hipsters are wont to do, they are having a very non-traditional wedding at Freemans in NYC (taxidermy in your wedding photos is a current hipster MUST HAVE). But don't be intimidated by the idea of gifting the Petes and Erikas in your life. It's really quite simple. Stay tuned for the first of many editions of the new MODERNHAUS series, "Gifted". Hosted by Maggie Gyllenhaal when she's done at Independent Lens, but until then, hosted by me.


  1. I'm just glad Pete the Hipster likes meat. I was worried to be even quasi-cool, one has to eat brie and other such non-sustenance food stuffs.

  2. Mike-brie makes a good adhesive.


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