Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm in love with Harvey!

Harvey Faircloth, you are hot hot hot!
You are everything I had in mind, and if my mind could make clothes, you are the clothes it would make. My hands can make clothes, but they sew two sleeves into one armhole and then they pick up the phone and ask Mom to come fix it.

Yes, your clothes DO have a plucky, pioneering spirit inpspired by bookworminess and pictures of your grandmother eating cucumber sandwiches...I can see that. And your batwing sleeves and capelet dresses are just the pluckiest ever.

I have just two requests: 1) please start selling online because the people who love you do not live in Venice Beach and 2) start sponsoring bloggers who will even agree to wear your clothes inside-out so people can see the tags. Thank you.

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