Friday, February 19, 2010

Shiny happy coffee tables

via Domino

Lucite table over patterned rug=brilliant way to maintain the sightline and visually expand the room. Don't worry-it doesn't have to be zebra. It could even be sisal.

This one is by Charles Hollis Jones (SOLD, NO LONGER AVAILABLE), who just had a reception and lecture at the Palm Springs Modernism week (I believe at Design Within Reach?)

And it's baby and toddler friendly; untippable, no pointy edges.


  1. What a beaut of a table! The Future Hubs and I both agree that it's amazing and hope it finds a good home soon.

    (Our living room is looking more Victorian Farmhouse brought to you by the color orange at this moment, so not the one for us. *Le Sigh*)

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