Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Because You Are Sew Hip

See the original "You're probably a hipster" list here!

The hipster bride-to-be wants to learn how to sew. Soon she'll be the picture of hipster domesticity, up to her elbows in Mrs. Meyers dishwashing bubbles, a vintage Jens Quistgaard pot of homegrown kale bubbling away on the stove, homesewn pillows and curtains in every room, and a little bun baking away under her handblocked Anthropologie apron.

Or maybe she'll be drinking a Stella and watching the Hills while Pete runs out for a pizza.

But either way, I immediately thought of this pillow project as being great for a beginner, and right up her Swedish alley.

From the folks at ReadyMade magazine, a Scandinavian bird motif pillow of appliqued felt. The pattern and instructions are freely accessible and downloadable without a subscription, because hipster magazines are nothing if not democratic. When we finish it ten years from now, I'll be sure to post the results.

Cute to adapt as a wallhanging or nursery stuff, dontcha think?

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