Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Age of Awareness

Observing kids this week has made me wonder:

When do we stop wanting to climb into treehouses, or hang out of car sunroofs, or go out in the ocean as far as we can and look at the shore from the distance?

When do we stop noticing that the branches of a tree are good for climbing?

I think it's when we stop being thrilled by seeing the world from a different perspective and start fearing it. When change is threatening instead of interesting. When we begin to willfully contract the borders of our world. When "different" becomes something we try to avoid.

I think it's when we start seeing, and caring about, race and class and status, and we know where we stand and where everyone else stands, too.

I think it's the beginning of cynicism; the beginning of the belief that the possibilities are not endless.

I think it's the death of curiosity. The Age of Awareness is a damn shame. I hope I never get there.


  1. Aboslutely agree. You get into the hussle and bussle and forget to have fun in life or feel that's not an option. All in a change of perspective.

  2. I forgot until I was writing this little piece that I used to look at every tree to figure out if I could climb it or not...and for the life of me, I can't remember when I stopped doing that. I still like treehouses, though.

  3. i wonder when we stop running everywhere because we do, and start running because we must. your post made me a little nostalgic, and little sad to know that i have 12 yr old on the verge of losing those childish joys. (moNo)

  4. I have to thank you for the efforts you've put in writing this blog


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