Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still Not Buying It

Everyone enjoying being re-educated by the Corn Refiners Association?
Ready to pick up a gallon of corn syrup to use "in moderation"?
Are you relieved to know that it won't immediately and directly cause your death?
You know you've got a fantastic product on your hands when you're running the same ad campaign as the 1950s tobacco industry ("9 out of 10 doctors we paid said smoking is fine in moderation and cannot be directly linked to disease or death if you're only consulting the studies we funded").

Well, if you're like us and have given up the sweet stuff cold turkey, then you're also noticing that it is (indeed King Corn!) in everything. Especially boxed drinks for school lunches. Besides that, these drinks uniformly taste disgusting, are expensive, and always seem to run out before the end of the school week.

I can't believe it took me seven full school years to figure this out, but here is my very cheap and simple answer to the problem:

Brew a huge pot of organic green tea.
Add one or two parts organic apple juice.
Mint leaves if you're so inclined.
Pour into reusable thermos every morning.

I know, green tea has a little caffeine in it. I like to think it gives my kids a little competitive edge. And don't forget the antioxidants.

What changes have you made to get off the syrup?


  1. mOnO here...
    When my boys were younger, they both were diagnosed with food allergies, including corn. We decided to eliminate corn syrup from their diets and it was amazing the difference it made, especially in my oldest. After several weeks of not having it, he told me it didn't feel like there was a monkey with cymbals in his head anymore. Uh, good. By the way, did you see the spoofs of that commercial on youtube? Amusing.

  2. Whoa! Did he have physical symptoms, too? I do believe corn syrup is one of the many things that naturopathic doctors/nutritionists recommend eliminating for ADD and Autism. Just another sign that our bodies really can't handle this highly processed stuff!
    The spoof was HILARIOUS and they just got more and more absurd..."doctors say the KKK is fine in moderation"!


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