Friday, April 23, 2010

How San Diego might, in 100 years, be as cool as Portland

Can beer save San Diego? I don't know, they've been working really hard on it over at San Diego State for decades with dubious results.

But CRAFT brew with a conscience....might just bring some change to San Diego (or at least one little corner of it that was already kinda cool to begin with and so was already rather hospitable to the notion of becoming cooler).

Blind Lady Ale House, our wee bit o' Portland in San Diego, is really becoming a mighty force in the community. For one thing, I just found out that they hold fundraisers for the tiny, progressive school my kid just (woot woot!) got accepted to.

Yes, schools. If you want parents to turn up for the fundraisers, good beer will help. Panda Express, not so much.

BLAH is also championing bicycle riding in the neighborhood (again, not mine sadly because that would require that they provide a ski lift to the top of the hill, and also that people under 85 live here) by providing a free BICYCLE VALET for this event (which in itself is pretty prog)

The conundrum here is that every cool, free annual community event* that takes place in San Diego TAKES PLACE THIS WEEKEND!


(*Mod Swap, Art Walk, Adams Avenue Roots Festival)

p.s.-YOU'RE PROBABLY A HIPSTER IF....your heart rate increased when you saw this picture.


  1. us and a couple beer buddies have been wanting to try BLAH but when we went it was packed out. So bummed but wll definitely try again. We support craft brews. And serving beer at school fundraisers. Thats Awesome!

  2. It's ALWAYS packed out...just order your food, hang out at the bar trying to figure out what brew to order, and a table will open up.
    Can I be your beer buddy?

  3. Sure but i'm very particular about my beer buddies. There are some acceptance rituals that have to be done too like complimenting the cheese plate with the right beer. Or choosing the appropriate brew for dessert. Just kidding! Of course you can be my beer buddy! Next time you go to BLAH or open a tasty beer for that matter, let us know and we will tag along.

  4. there was actually a line OUT THE DOOR after the roots fest. (ALWAYS busy, but SO worth it.)

    (and i have been petitioning for a bike lift up pershing for YEARS. that might make my life perfect.)


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