Friday, April 9, 2010

No Hometown Love

Alright, I admit it. Portland always ruins San Diego for me. It just feels so desolate and dry here (in more ways than one...) and that infernal ball of fire is just so predictably THERE every day, burning my retinas and multiplying my freckles. Besides, I have good hair in Portland. And I get to wear my scarf....and socks. Here, I wear my silver Birkenstock "Gizeh" sandals pretty much every single day. Even though I was born here, I'm not a Cali girl. I'm not blond. I don't tan. I don't have the legs for shorts. I HATE flip-flops.

So, to soothe my misplaced soul, I'll be seeking out a little Portland experience right here in San Diego, just to ease the transition.

The first place I thought of was BLAH (Blind Lady Ale House). Definitely Portland-ish, with their low prices, craft beers, organic/local/free-range ingreds, and indie spirit. Bacon and egg pizza....oh, my. Communal table, lots o' little 'uns. Yes, a pint and pizza should ease the pain a little.

And, although they don't serve food and wine at our (only) little vintage single-screen theater like they do in Portland, I hope to get my buns over to the Ken Cinema to see the Art of the Steal before it's gone. McMenamin brothers, where art thou? San Diego needs you!

Finally, even though it's in the virtual realm, have y'all seen yet?
Lots of really neat Etsy-style artist designed e-cards, and since that's just about the only way I send invitations anymore, I am beside myself with joy to have some I'm not embarrassed to send. Bye-bye E-vites and your goofy digital cartoons of girlfriends dancing at nightclubs, and other atrocities.

What are you guys up to this weekend?
And please, if you're in San Diego and I'm missing some kind of rad indie experience/restaurant/biker club/knitting circle, etc., notify me post haste!


  1. I had no idea that you have such a love for portland. Come back! We'll take care of you!

    Tess :)


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