Thursday, April 15, 2010

(Not) Lost in Translation

Last night, I was in a rapture over the beauty of this blog; the photographs, the children, the clothing and design.
I thought I would share a few of the highlights here, but you really should go putz around yourself.
It gets infinitely more enjoyable when you click on the English translation, which provides fantastically bad syntax such as this:

… yesterday arrived for us a nice package of ismodern from NYC. My big girls got in a close fight about the Blush Drape Dress … Liv was the winner.

This morning Pauline jumped out of bed and speeded in the bathroom and caught the dress and just in the twinkling of an eye she sat -with a smile of a winner- at the breakfast table…

The two sisters (5+7) share the closet, some things they have both, some not and then it is time to share. This is often not so easy and harmonious and mostly it ended as a ball of girls on the floor…

Who are these Nordic Amazons, with their angelic children, white interiors, and successful design businesses?

from Line + Liv


  1. Hello, we are the Nordic Amazons: Wiebke with Pauline, Liv and Molly and we live in North Germany (not Denmark but close to the border) and I am so so sorry about my bad and often wrong school English ... big smile from me

  2. NO! DO NOT APOLOGIZE! Your English is fantastic and proper and SO ADORABLE! As is everything you touch....I am so very in love with you, your photographs, your children, and your entire blog.
    And, I have three sisters. So, there were many times we ended up as a "ball of girls on the floor." I absolutely love it!
    Besides, you should hear my German.
    Thanks for writing, Wiebke.
    I hope to hear from you again.
    Much love from California-Summer @ modernhaus

  3. ... with a big smile in my heart I have read your words. Thank you so much and you are anytime very welcome ... best Wiebke

  4. Liebchen, if you and your lovelies ever find yourself in California, you be sure to let me know!


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