Monday, April 19, 2010

Can You Sell Homemade Jokes on Etsy?

I'm tellin ya, spending long stretches of time alone in a dark studio with solvents and paint and a nerdy little dog named after a Jane Austen character hasn't done wonders for my intellectual growth. Sometimes I use all that spare mental space to come up with my own jokes. This one came to me while heating up leftovers for lunch:

What did the pirate mom say to the pirate teenager?

Stop aaaaaaargh-uing with me!

I don't think it's too bad for homemade.

And because the Google images under "Pirate Mom" were so much more awful than my joke, I went with the pirate dog instead. He's way cuter than anything human I found.

from the Craftzine blog


  1. I laughed! It's the kind of joke I might manage to tell without messing it up...


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