Friday, April 16, 2010

Pied-a-terre in the sky

I mentioned that I'm returning to New York for a wedding/girl's trip, and my friend and I have been agonizing over finding "the right" place to stay.
It has to be pretty, in a great location, have a view, and feel really "New York". Chain hotels are out, obviously. We're both very visual people (she's an architect and I obviously do what I do...)

So, nothing was working and the closer we get to our departure, the higher the prices.

We switched gears and decided to find an apartment. Buy cheese and wine from Dean & Deluca and pretend we live there. Drink our steaming coffee in the morning while we watch the city awaken. It seemed impossible to find our "just right" apartment.

But, I think we did it. I really do. And I'm giddy with excitement.

It's on the Upper East Side, infamously ridiculed in this story.

Two blocks from Central Park, just behind Park Avenue.

What do you think? We did good, right?


  1. Good?! Try green with envy! Think of me at least once while you're living the NYC lifestyle.


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