Friday, April 23, 2010

You know you love someone when... know their In N Out order by heart.

West Coast friends, post your (and your significant other's) burger order here!
And don't forget to tell us about any "off menu" items you know about...

We're animal style with chopped chilis all the way, folks.
And my favorite "off menu" orders are animal style fries, neopolitan shakes, and grilled cheese.


  1. Double double, extra spread, no onions. Chocolate-strawberry mix shake.

  2. Mo-with a side of wasabi peas?

  3. Ill take a cheesburger no onions and fries well done with a dr.pep

    my other will have a double double animal style and choc shake.
    Can't wait to see more off menu items I didnt know about!

  4. Fries well done..the only way to get 'em!
    Sean will like this off menu item: the 4 x 4.
    Four patties, four slices of cheese. Then, immediate cardiac arrest.

  5. DH orders a double double with fries and a Arnold Palmer (1/2 ice tea/ 1/2 lemonade), sometimes a vanilla shake.

    I order an animal style cheeseburger (super yummy!) with fries and an Arnold Palmer.

  6. Oh man, I always forget about the Arnold Palmer! I'm always embarrassed to order the kids' drink-we call it the cocktail-a splash of everything from the soda fountain. I'm sure they love us at the drive-through.

  7. We are a double-double animal style, hold the pickles and a double-double animal/protein style, hold the uncooked onions, and one order of fries also animal style.

  8. OMG I did not know you could do chopped chilis! I felt lucky just to have been alerted to the availability of chilis in packets for nomming at will. Will try this when I head to LA this weekend... mmmmthanks!

    Love your blog, love the humour, and I think I already loved your Ebay auctions so glad to have accidentally found another outlet of your 'vision'!

    Oh, but on the order - I'm hamburger or cheeseburger, depending on if I'm feeling dairy-ing, animal style, with a side of hot peppers. :) I keep thinking I want to try the fries extra crispy but I always forget. Husband doesn't go for fast food of any sort, sadly... but it's IN N OUT I try to insist!


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