Monday, April 12, 2010

Rock the Casbah

Ooops, better call work and tell them you've got the Swine Flu (again). You're stranded in Morocco with me for one more day, and we're not leaving until we do some serious shopping. Luckily this bazaar takes Paypal and Visa.

via Sarah, a dreamy vintage Moroccan caftan from Etsy

via here, the cheapest, charming-est little babouches ballet flats this side of the Himalayas (adult sized, and only $29!)

And from the same site, delicious baby babouches for all the little lambs back home. Pick up a dozen pair for future babyshowers and you'll be VERY popular.

pick out a traditional Le Creuset for us, my dears!

via Sarah, tea glasses from Etsy

Looking for a vintage beni ouarain rug or fabulous handira? Fascinated by the expat life? You've GOT to browse this blog-British chick had the nerve to go and fulfill her dreams and move her family to Marrakesh. Now she sells neat things and blogs about her exploits, just to make us all cray-cray.

Thanks for the inspiration Sarah!


  1. Oooh, so pretty. I have to say, you do cut and paste so well.

    I've tried click-drag-drop with images, but never seem to be able to make it work in blogspot. Have any tips?


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