Friday, January 13, 2012


These have since sold, but there's more in the shop!

Well hi there! I spent a relaxing morning at the dentist's. No, I'm serious. I got to lay down and it felt SO good. After I twisted my ankle in my stupid Kork-Ease and fell head-first into my new marble tulip table I needed to lay down for a while.

The only problem is I have this super-sweet dentist who says, "Ouch!" just as he's about to do something he thinks is going to hurt me. I appreciate the sympathy but it's so disconcerting. Where do I find these people??

I got $10 balcony tickets for the symphony tonight, a Schumann piano concerto that I love. So there will be more sitting and closing of my eyes, which sounds just perfect (I know, I'm an animal). Besides, the symphony always makes me feel super young. Like, "the old patrons want to pat me on the head" young. IT'S AWESOME.

But this isn't just a link to crazy old posts from my past! No! It's also links to crazy posts about travel!

I wanted to tell you to sign up for TripAlertz here. It's a bargain travel site and it just requires an email to sign up, nothing personal. But the best part is once you join, you'll get a code to invite your friends to join and you'll get a $5 credit for each person that signs up. If you're popular, put up the link on Facebook or Twitter, get 100 people to join, and you'll have enough for a super sweet trip!

Also, did you get gold baby?? I hope you followed the directions I posted here to get instant Gold status at Hilton. Because now Hilton is having three different promotions that you can "stack" or use together to hoard a fat wad of points. No time like now to see what it's like being "elite" at a hotel. Click here for a post that lays out the promotions.

And finally, check out the lovelies in the shop. Place a bid or two. Auctions are fun! And so, so much better than gambling because, hey, if you don't win anything you're also not out any money! However I do NOT serve cocktails to you in a trashy outfit while you bid. So there's that downside...

What kind of merrymaking will you be involved in this long and lovely weekend? Downton Abbey marathon? Going to see The Artist? Laundry? Whatever it is, eat some cheese and enjoy it. Cheers!


  1. Just found your blog and I love it! I am really considering buying a marble tulip table, too, and I'm wondering where you decided to purchase yours? I also want to do some Cole&Sons wallpaper and am wondering where you purchased that? (sorry to ask in the comments, but I didn't see an email address.)

  2. Hi there-no, it's fine! Umm, I looked all over for the best price on the Cole&Sons paper and it was a London company that was far cheaper than any others, even with Int'l shipping factored in. Let me see if I can find the company for you.
    I waited and waited and waited for a marble tulip on Craigslist. I had no intention of paying $2000 for a knock-off, but $450 I could handle ;)

    Thanks for stopping by...I'll see what I dig up re: the wallpaper!

  3. now it becomes clear that he's one of those people who is fastidious about his personal appearance but secretly skivenly about everything else


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