Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Desperately seeking pillow

Joslyn's photo jogged my memory (p.s., it's the only part of me that jogs).

Remember this Anthropologie pillow? What? You don't commit every Anthropologie item to memory?

When I saw it, I was immediately reminded of this spectacular painting. Someone with incredible taste owns it...oh, if only I could remember who.

photo by Morgan Satterfield

Oh yeah. It's me. Unkempt bed is the giveaway.

It currently hangs over my bed, and I thought, how crazy that there's a pillow that somehow exactly matches this weird color palette and abstracted design.

I'm super not into matching, but these pieces are like separated twins that need to be reunited.

So, if you happen to have the pillow, or you find it in a random clearance bin at Anthro, or you hang out at Joslyn's house and it happens to find it's way into your bag at the end of the night (I suggest you give her a lot to drink and work with another person to create a distraction), I will pay handsomely.

Thanks a bunch.


  1. Summer,

    I don't have a lead on your pillow search.

    However, I recently posted on some MCM movie goodness that you might want to check out:

    Happy Netflixing!


  2. Well, with a link that reads "parents-horror-suspense-and-decorating" (which is the motto of my life) I don't know how I could resist!!

  3. LOL. Thanks for the visit! That was fun.

  4. in looking at morgan's photos of your house again, i realized you have a BENI OURAIN RUG. if you thrifted that in san diego, i will literally drop dead of jealousy RIGHT NOW.

  5. Psht, ain't no Beni girl! Pottery Barn "Tangiers" via Ebay, $150. Cuz cheap is how I rollz, baby.
    Now I want the West Elm one tho-a little more authentic looking I think. Oh hey, come to think of it I DID just buy a Beni off Craigslist a couple days ago ($20) but it's not the one everyone's cream brown and green with a more intricate Moroccan pattern. Wanna see?

  6. i wanna see! are you going to post it here? if not, tweet me OR we could take this relationship to the next level and i'll give you my electronic mail address. ha!

    p.s. you are a genius cheap person... i want to be like you.

    1. I AM a genius cheap person! Convo me your cell # if you dare and I'll text you a photo por la maƱana

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