Friday, January 20, 2012


Is it normal to get so excited about ordering one old, used pillow? Probably not. I can't wait to see how it looks on my new (ratty old) black leather Barcelona chair (p.s., the chair and the pillow cost about the same!)

And, possibly way more newsworthy than purchasing a pillow cover is the fact that tomorrow the ridiculously beautiful, recently opened Lautner Hotel lobby:

will become the new home of this piece:

I took a risk on this over-the-top piece, and it paid off. Goes to show you, no guts no Lautner!

Also, hustle your butt over to the shop where these auctions are ending soon:


  1. Wowzers...your find will be famous! Nice pillow too....but your sofa will caress the asses of millions, not to mention the photos of said asses on said sofa....that's the stuff right there.

  2. HELL TO THE YES! nice work on that couch! also, love the pillow... those are my fave! eBay is the bomb... especially when one has a well-stocked paypal account like YOU!

  3. I should glue a giant "MODERNHAUS" label to the front of the sofa, yeah? Buyer wouldn't mind I bet...
    Well-stocked??? I just paid for prop taxes AND braces. Oh yeah, and that big pillow splurge that totally put me over the edge ;)

  4. Nice choice on the pillows. I'm picking up a few Kilims myself. Your place is always an inspiration.

    I'm trying to pick out a new rug and would really appreciate your input, so come one over to if you get a chance!

  5. hahahaha yeah, i guess that's what happens when you're a real ebay career-woman, versus me who just sells random crap so i can buy random crap!

  6. You need to set up a store for Dusty's rad stuff, do the marketing, quit your job, get it on and the Foundary, etc.
    You're sitting on a gold mine!

  7. i'm so damn antsy over here to get my pillowcases! i'm ready to fly to turkey to see what's taking so long! (it probably would have been cheaper to fly there to pick them up too!) that's a lot of !!!!!

  8. btw, free nights stay for selling them the couch i hope?! and falcons in the guestrooms....swank.

    i'm going to have to save my pennies and book a night

  9. Summer,

    Yay, congrats! How exciting to see that leather beast go to a happy new home. And LOL at "caress the asses of millions". Awesomesauce.


  10. I know re: the pillows!! I went back in and ordered quatro mas. All my furniture is so nekked, and my poor baby children have run out of pillows to beat each other with! We are so forlorn! FOR-LORN I tell you!
    I got a "come stay with us sometime!" email but I don't know what that means...maybe I get to sleep in the lobby on the sofa??
    Sarah, so exciting. I am a proud mama of a successful sofa.


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