Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guys! Yesterday I was all

Today is more

I mean, right? How accurate is that? So easy to have one bad day and get all dramatic about how your life is in the crapper and your crow's feet are noticeably deeper since yesterday and your friends don't call and didn't I JUST clean this kitchen and my knee is sore so I'm probably getting early-onset arthritis. Maybe cancer even. And no one seems to care.

So I'm ba-a-a-ck. My knee IS sore. I don't know why I'm so tired lately. Likely cancer. Let's kick our problems, real and imaginary, with a big old can of lady whoop-a**.


  1. Uuuh threw out my back, wearing a hideous girdle all day, amazed that I actually like the girdle which holds in all my stomach fat, and oh lets throw in the fact I have a big pimple on my face,wait a minute... I am 45 what the hell? All and all I am grateful for my kids and hubby and no you don't have cancer.I hope realizing you are so not alone in your sentiments makes you feel a little better, it sure does for me.

  2. Yup, putting all my neuroses out in public always makes me feel a little better ;)
    FYI, when I hurt my back I totally pretend I'm fine, just to avoid having to use the phrase "I threw out my back" which is just one old lady step away from saying "I broke my hip getting out of the bathtub".
    And I could definitely be the first case of knee-cancer. It would be my luck ;)
    How's that shop of yours? Where can I see your new pieces?

  3. Shop is going "eh" not bad, but its definately not like things are flying out the doors...hardly. I have a couple of new pieces in will take pics and post them on website which desperately needs to be updated. Its my warehouse of stuff thats overflowing...anyway that a whole other subject....hoarding. Hope to actually meet you in person one day, next time in town please give me a shout.

  4. This post (and the comments) below are fantastic! I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone in my up, down, and random thinking. Thank you for making me laugh out loud. Happy new year!

  5. Being a woman (or just human?) is so complicated. Sorry you have cancer... I've survived like 10 different types (in my head only) and a few cases of meningitis (again imagined.) I'm fairly certain I currently have a case of meningitis. Or a cold. High five for kicking ass and only taking a day to come out of your funk! Have you tried acupuncture for your pain? It is doing wonders for my anxiety (but not my hypochondria!)

  6. Re acupuncture, no, but man I need to. I literally hear it fixes EVERYTHING.

  7. do it! my lady is in encinitas but i've heard that chiropractique place has it and they're supposed to be amazing (and affordable!) that's the place that Bells and Whistles designed so there's design eye candy there too.


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