Thursday, January 19, 2012


FYI, just in case you woodsy Pendleton-wearing hipsters want to hook up with your gritty urban hipster brethren, flights between PDX and LGA (LaGuardia) are only $122 including tax, and you'll earn full mileage credit, etc. .

Bookable on Orbitz right now, make sure to choose the "+/- 3 days" search option to find the best price. I test-booked through February and there is a lot of availability.

You'll earn approximately 5,000 flight miles on this trip, so please make sure you have (or you open) a frequent flyer account with the airline, and book with a points-earning card! Check your credit just might have one that gives you more than 1 point per dollar when booking travel (and there are lots that do!)

If you think you want to take advantage of this but aren't sure, book it now and then think about it. Orbitz allows you to cancel within 24 hours.

If you book it, be a pal and come back here and let us know!


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