Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Let's just not even talk about how distraught I am that I can't use these. But you know who's even sadder? Jeff Tweedy. He can't stop thinking about me. He can't believe we won't get to hang out.

See him looking straight at me, like he could just eat me with a spoon? Right??

I have a pair of tickets for the Hollywood Palladium, Tuesday, January 24th, 7pm. They're actual paper tickets from Ticketmaster, with the purchase receipt, etc., just in case you don't trust me yet.

Update: SOLD


  1. I'm going to be out of town or I would totally buy those! We'll be at the SD show on Sunday. Will you get to that one at least? Should be great!

    PS- tried to comment on some of your previous posts and it seemed like blogger was weird this week. Guess it's fixed!

  2. I am sickified I can't be all jetset and fly in and use your tickets. Jeff was looking at ME...that's why he's smirking because there's a misunderstanding.

  3. Hey Erin! I just might be there Sunday as well...I'm desperate to go...haven't seen them live in 9-10 years if you can believe that.
    Yeah, someone else once told me they would love to comment more but they never can on my blog. My settings seem fine but it's making me think of switching to Wordpress sooner than later...
    ModFruGal-oh, there's a misunderstanding alright! Hands off my Tweed!


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