Sunday, January 29, 2012

At Home with Haus

Since lifting this sofa like a big dummy, half my body came painfully unhinged from the rest of my body. But that didn't stop me, no sir, from having four teenage boys over. They ate all my food and wedged dirty socks into all the furniture. There are cell phones and iPods charging in every outlet, and I could start a skate shop with the gear they piled in my entry.

They're out now with the Mister, and for some reason I felt like taking pictures. Maybe as a memento of the quiet times?

Morgan took some sweet pictures of my house a while back, but since then there have been some new additions.

Everything in this corner was $5 or less, except the new Target lampshade.

The dining room, post-slumber party. Not too bad, although I do wonder what the hammer was out for? The marble tulip table is a new Craigslist score ($450 if you must know, and if I know you, then I know you must...know). Free of hammer damage as far as I can tell.

You can see a bit of the Franz Kline-inspired painting I did (and still need to frame). Still deciding how to finish the stairs. I'm thinking paint them Hague Blue and install a sisal runner with a chevron weave?

A new piece. Sell? Keep? Keep! No, sell?

Mr. Knightly likes it under the furniture, where giant teenagers can't step on him.

More nook. I love that Deco mirror ($5 at auction), made that cabinet (and was featured on Design*Sponge super way back in the day!), and the oatmeal linen curtains, brass lamp, and antique framed portrait (of a "creepy baby" according to the kids) were thrifted.

There's something charming and slightly Anthropologie-esque about the unfinished stairs, no? Mmmm, no.

These chairs are so old and crusty. I should probably have them swabbed for smallpox.

Rock me like the rock of ages

A new friend for the Danish wall unit, also at the magical price of $5 (I guess at my local AMVETS, when in doubt they put a $4.95 price tag on it?)

I swear I'm going to cut up that rug and wear it, I love the pattern so much.

Doing his "dog on a motorcycle" impersonation.

And you? Fill in the blank: This weekend I __________ !


  1. You have my dream tulip table....the rocker looks comfy...keep for a bit? You've done some badass thrifting for an injured woman.

    1. Even if my arms and legs were blown off in a fiery thrifted-lamp explosion, I would still drag myself to the thrift should know that!

  2. You want to hear sumethin funny, I was reading your blog on my ipad on my way back to LA from a supposed weekend w/hubby. We were in Palm springs, staying at the Parker...sounds nice right? Uh threw out my back last month carrying a stupid sofa exactly one week before my husband threw out his back moving a huge moroccan rug I scored. One sleepless nite at the Parker on a soft mattress and I swear we couldn't wait to get back to our xtra firm mattress at home. Advice PROTECT your back!!! On another note I think just getting together with some others at a nice dinner or whatever would be great. ALT Shmalt... no fuss, just connecting in person would be great. Just a thought.

    1. Well yes, staying at the Parker DOES sound nice. Everyone over 40 hollers at me about protecting my back...seems you don't know what you got till it's gone??
      Stoked you're up for some human interaction...putting us all together in a room would be crazy fun!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks hon! You drag enough old junk home and eventually you find something that looks good ;)

  4. the shade looks so good in context with the rest of your house! and I love that wallpaper in the stairwell! your idea for blue stairs would be amazing!!

    1. Jon! You get all the credit for that one ;)
      I seriously can't tell you how happy one little $20 purchase has made me.
      Thanks for the feedback on the stairs...stairwells are usually so boring, so I'm turning mine into my own little design lab.

  5. i love your house... give me a tour! also, i swear i'm going to write you back soon! i actually have so many good ideas for you and think we need an in-person meeting too.


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