Friday, December 23, 2011

Travel Hack-MOVE FAST!

Do you like status? How about gold? Then you will love GOLD STATUS!

This travel hack is too easy and I forbid you to ignore it. You can get gold status for a full year at Hilton, which means free upgrades (possibly to suites!), free breakfasts, free wi-fi, access to the locked upper floor executive lounge with drinks and food, free parking, etc. (depending on the property).

Hilton Rome it's not the Ace, but it's a place to crash

Oh, I KNOW, you stay at the Ace almost exclusively. Fine. But people do crazy things to attain gold status at Hilton and this is an opportunity to get it with a mouse-click. If you DO find yourself staying at a *GASP* chain hotel at any point this year, you'll be glad you did this. And Hilton foreign properties are amazing and often in cool historic buildings, so it's not such a "corporate experience" abroad.

"Hello, I have gold status thanks to MODERNHAUS. Keys to the executive lounge overlooking the Vatican, please!"

If you don't have a Hilton HHonors account, get one here. Takes a second.

Not the Ace Swim Club. Try to cope.

Then click here and enter the number "411945" into the "Visa" box. Then your HHonors member number and below that, the pin code Hilton gave you. You should get instant gold status.

It's a weird loophole that Hilton will probably close...very soon. Bon chance!

*FOR SOME THIS IS WORKING INSTANTLY AND OTHERS ARE GETTING AN ERROR MESSAGE. If you get an error message, clear your cache and and try it again. It WILL work!


  1. I think it worked for me? If you don't have to book the hotel room right after getting it, it congratulated me! So that's something.

  2. Yep, I did it too, Erin, and it worked for me. You don't have to book a room. Yay!


  3. Getting congratulated by the internet IS something!
    So is going to Rome...hmmmmmmm

  4. worked for my fiancé. Thanks so much Modernhaus! I didn't need it being a diamond member.. ;-)


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