Saturday, December 31, 2011


Finding a great upholsterer has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. It's great to find things, but to find things and make them WAY MORE AWESOME through the magic of refinishing is where the real fun is. I had these re-done in a heathered charcoal gray cotton velvet/mohair that reminds me of a classic gray flannel suit or felted wool, and the solid tapering legs were re-done in a warm honey tone.

There's something almost Shaker-esque in the simplicity and color palette. I've never seen a pair of chairs that I wanted more than these. And they looked so perfect against my worn old Persian rug, I had to remove them to the warehouse immediately or I knew they'd never leave.

So here they are, better than new and in the shop now.

A really special Danish case piece, ideally proportioned, featuring some of the best craftsmanship I've ever seen on a piece of furniture:

Shop for them here.


  1. I'm trying to teach myself upholstery so I can make magic just like those chairs...well done-they are stunning!

  2. Thanks! I finally, finally admitted that I'm never going to be an upholsterer and hired someone. Best move ever!


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