Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Percival Lafer and other things you should buy

The following is a paid announcement for things I want to sell you in my shop starting this Thursday evening.

I have to admit that several years ago I thought Lafer sofas looked really weird. The way all those hunks of leather were flaccidly draped all over giant logs of wood...I really didn't get it.

I guess this is not making the best case for why you should buy my sexy Lafer sofa?

But after years of looking at lots of furniture, and lots of furniture starting to look all the same to me, I have totally jumped on the Lafer train.

They look edgy, sexy, mysterious. And they throw off a room in a good/unexpected way. In a way that the expected, sterile, anemic Nelson-style sofas could never do.

What do you think? Do you "get" Lafer? This one is like a sexy leather butt-cocoon.

This pair of Mid Century Italian chrome sling chairs has a similarly exotic, edgy flair.

I really want to see them upholstered in distressed, deep brown leather.

But the original flame stitch fabric is in perfect condition and Kelly Wearstler would totally approve. I'll ask her when she comes over next week. I imagine she'll be hungry and wearing awful shoes as per usual. I hope she doesn't try and crimp my hair again. That was a disaster.

If I didn't already have a 90-drawer dresser that doubles as a guest room, I would totally be shoving this set into my bedroom.

I like the handsome, architectural lines. The circular insets. The tall legs that make these big pieces seem almost ergonomic. And I find that walnut is the most pleasing and classic of all the bedroom woods. Don't you?

This sexy thing looks like it's had one too many. Look, I'm not the Annie Liebovitz of furniture photography, ok?

And here are the dresser's soul mates:

These pieces, along with some others, will be available in the shop tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:30 pm PST.

UPDATE: I've added an super-duper, gift-worthy, mint condition, vintage HUDSON'S BAY 6-point multi-stripe blanket to the line-up, with no reserve. Cold, anyone??


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