Monday, August 1, 2011


Kork-Ease sandals

Kork-Ease sandals (see more kork ease sandals)

Because I didn't really have a choice. What else am I going to cavort around Barcelona in? Flip-flops for chrissakes??

These bear the sexy name "KORK-EASE". Not hooker shoes, these.

I'm making up the cost by getting everything at the thrift store for a year...oh wait, I already do that!

If I put on one of these:

By Malene Birger top

By Malene Birger top (see more long sleeve tops)

and cover my butt with pretty much anything, I'm golden. Right?

Maybe something unmatched and fun, like these:

Rebecca Minkoff shorts

Rebecca Minkoff shorts (see more summer shorts)


  1. I love those sandals! I am hoping for a late summer sale to scoop them up ;) I came THIS close to getting an almost identical pair from Target, but alas, these flats only feet were not to be fooled by stiff almost leather materials. I adore striped tops with funky prints! I have a ton of crazy vintage print skirts and I always pair them with stripes. It's kind of visual chaos but it works.

  2. Anon, stripes are totally a neutral...says me. Care to share wardrobes? I'm jealous you have a vintage skirt collection...
    I almost bought the Tar-jay version too, but felt like a clunky weeble wobble in them. Certain things you can cheap out on, but shoes ain't one of them. And seriously, I want your skirts.


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