Friday, August 12, 2011

From the vault: write what you know

I remember that writing this post made me feel a little sad. I mean, I was anthropomorphizing laundry for Pete's sake (hi Pete!)

I was going to be a writer, an explorer! And the most interesting thing I had to write about was the laundry!

On the other hand, it's kind of a Warhol move don't you think? To take something so benign and ordinary and make it art?

Briefly let's review the flattering comparisons I've managed to make with myself thus far: In post one, I am as funny as Tina Fey. Post two, I am a child-rescuing super hero. Post three, my laundry is art that rivals a post-Modern master.

I swear I am not an egomaniac. Despit heavy evidence to the contrary.

Anyways, anyone who does a great deal of laundry will identify with this post. I hope it makes you smile the next time you open the dryer door...

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