Sunday, August 7, 2011

While you were out...

I thought I would take a break from sitting on suitcases and mentally rehearsing how to say "Gracias" as "Grathiath" to say ciao to you.

I have pre-travel butterfly-stomach. Do you get that? It's that childhood-night-before-Disneyland-trip feeling of excitement and nervousness. Also, it's coffee. Way too much of it.

Over the past few weeks a number of friends/clients/strangers have told us that Barcelona is their favorite city in the world. That's a high recommendation. I've found the best travel advice from expat bloggers living in Barcelona...blogs have absolutely changed the way I research trips, and I'll definitely contribute my own two cents when I return.

Until then, I'd like to introduce you to my guest Back when I first started this blog, I was really missing the act of writing and I gave myself permission to spend time doing it. I feel like my posts were much more thoughtful, funny, dense, and interesting back in the day. I'm sure as my life ebbs and flows there will come a time when I'll be a more dedicated blogger again.

So, while I'm away, come visit the weird and wild early days of MODERNHAUS.

A glass of wine makes it better. A lot of wine makes it genius.

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